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How often should I have my Ducts cleaned?

Once a certified professional cleans a System it should remain clean for 2-5 years, as long as the system is maintained and a high efficiency filter is installed and changed regularly. clean your vents once a year to maintain the system efficiency.

Why Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Air Ducts get dirty overtime; they can harbor construction debris, dust, insects, rodents, and mold. Proper cleaning by a certified professional can rid your heating and air conditioning system of contaminants while increasing your unit’s operating efficiency.

How much should I Pay to have my Ducts Cleaned?

These services typically — but not always — range in cost from $150 to $900 per heating and cooling system, depending on the services offered, the size of the system to be cleaned, system accessibility, climatic region, and level of contamination.

How Do I Choose a Duct Cleaning Service Provider?

Do not assume that all duct cleaning service providers are equally knowledgeable and responsible. Talk to at least three different service providers and get written estimates before deciding whether to have your ducts cleaned. When the service providers come to your home, ask them to show you the contamination that would justify having your ducts cleaned.

Are Dryer Vents A Fire Hazard?

A plugged vent will certainly cause a dryer to run hotter and increase the chance that something could catch fire. A dirty vent, however, is only one link in a chain of events that must occur for a fire to start. Other events may include: failure of thermostat and limit switches in the dryer, lint inside the dryer, a missing or damaged lint screen, and a crushed hose behind the dryer.

Is the work done by master duct Cleaning guaranteed?

Yes! All services provided by master duct Cleaning are guaranteed up for a year. If you are dissatisfied for any reason feel free to call us and let us know!

How much does it cost to clean the HVAC system but not the ducts?

It depends on what needs to be cleaned (or the blower, the heater or coil, plenum box, or if filter needs to be changed) but it can be between $190 and up.

Is the process messy?

All of our vacuum equipment is HEPA-filtered to 99.97% so the dirt stays in the machine and out of your home. Our procedures are designed to protect your home and furnishings from dust. we always leave the home cleaner then we arrived.