Duct Repair

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Duct Installation & Duct Repair

This might surprise you, but the most important factor that determines your furnace or air conditioner’s efficiency is not your unit’s AFUE or SEER! While higher ratings are certainly important, the most crucial element of your HVAC system’s efficiency is actually something much simpler – your ducts! Ductwork that is improperly sized or sealed will have serious implications for your system’s overall efficiency.That’s why we’re here! MASTER DUCT is the chicagoland area top duct installation and duct repair company, and we can optimize your ductwork to meet your needs based on your home’s size and layout as well as your HVAC system’s output. If you want to get the absolute most out of your air conditioner or furnace, call MASTER DUCT for duct installation or duct repair today!

Duct Installation

The most important part of installing new ducts is making sure the ductwork is the right size. When thinking about why your ducts need to be a specific size, consider this: imagine if someone told you to blow through a paper towel tube as hard as you could. It would be difficult, wouldn’t it? Now imagine that same person telling you to blow through a drinking straw as hard as possible. That’s not easy either, is it?It’s the same with your ducts! If your ducts are too big, the blower fan is going to have to work much harder to move air all the way through your home. If your ducts are too small, the fan is going to move more air than the ducts can handle, forcing it to constantly cycle on and off. Suffice it to say, if either of these is true of your ducts, even a 95 AFUE furnace isn’t going to run very efficiently! At MASTER DUCT, we begin our duct installation process with an inspection of your home, where we take into account the size and layout of your home as well as the capacity of your HVAC system so we can optimize your duct design and installation for your particular home.

Duct Repair & Duct Sealing

Even if your ducts are properly sized, holes or leaks in your ductwork can ruin your HVAC efficiency – sometimes by 30% or more! If you can see holes or gaps in your ducts, call us right away – we provide duct repair and duct sealing to make your home more comfortable and drastically improve your HVAC system’s efficiency! We can even seal your ducts if they are behind drywall!