Attic Insulation

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Take charge of your Attic with Chicago’s dependable attic cleaning and attic insulation service.

Your attic can quickly turn into a health hazard due to broken insulation and rodent droppings. It is this problem we set out to address with our cutting edge attic cleaning/ attic insulation expertize. Aside from posing significant health and safety risk, a messy attic will reduce the integrity and value of your property.

Our specialized techniques allow us to produce dazzling finish never seen anywhere in Chicago. Experience, knowledge, and cutting edge tools means we can attend to your needs irrespective of the state of your attic or design.

With highly qualified experts and highly competitive prices our attic cleaning/ attic insulation services is all you need to yield the desired result without the risk of further damage hence saving you more money.

Why attic cleaning/ attic insulation will benefit you

Cleaner air

when your attic is not cleaned or insulated chances are high that it will produce foul smell and can be a source of airborne contaminants. By having it cleaned and insulated adequately, the indoor air quality in your home will be greatly improved allowing you to breathe clean and healthy air.

Health benefits

from rodent droppings to polluted air, the health implications are obvious if your attic doesn’t get the much needed care. Rodent dropping carry disease causing germs which can find their way into your home thus putting your family at risk. Polluted air especially those containing mold pollens and allergens is another concern that shouldn’t be wished away. Cleaning and properly insulating your attic will do away with this ticking time bomb over your head.

Better energy efficiency

with cracks and holes in your attic, your HVAC system will have to work extra and for longer periods to maintain the desired temperature within your home. This problem can be fixed when you insulate your attic which will translate to lower energy bills.

Building Integrity

dirt build up, cracks, and holes can put a strain in your building if not arrested. The holes can serve as openings for wind and rain which will in turn cause other problems. Attic cleaning/attic insulation can help prevent and avoid building damages once the cracks, holes and dirt are eliminated.


a clean and well maintained attic will improve the value of your property should in case you decide to put it in the market.

At Masterduct-cleaning we will:

  • Remove all kind of dirt including rodent droppings and carcasses
  • Provide you with the most affordable attic cleaning/ attic insulation services in Chicago and surrounding towns
  • Help you protect your home and health plus improve your reputation as a home owner
Attic cleaning and insulation shouldn’t be a problem. Leave the hard part us; we’ll help you get your attic back- contact us today!

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